Josh Ulrich is an adventurer, storyteller, and photographer that feels most at home amongst the lush, green pines and endless, jagged peaks of the great American west.  His passion for photography began when he found himself daydreaming of mountains during his old nine to five routine.  From that moment on he set out to turn that dream into an obsession, exploring everything the wilderness has to offer and capturing the moments along the way to share with his friends and family.

Josh graduated from the University of Idaho with a M.S. of Computer Engineering.  After chasing the California dream, he has called many places across the Pacific Northwest home and now lives in Boise.  He continues to chase sunsets, bag peaks, and follow the open road all while never leaving his camera behind. You can find the latest photographs and stories from Josh’s adventures @josh.ulrich


Featured Work

  • Three time GoPro Mountain Games Photo Winner
  • Sony Alpha Cameras
  • Idaho Division of Tourism
  • National Park Photography
  • Shutterbug
  • Boise Parks and Recreation
  • C4 Paddleboards
  • Starboard SUP
  • Badfish SUP
  • Pro Paddleboarder Izzy Gomez
  • Pro Climber Kyra Kondie