Hidden Below


Hidden Below

from 325.00

Palouse Falls, Washington

*This gallery wrapped canvas print has a black border on perpendicular edges

Sizes: 8" x 12" up to 40" x 60" 

Mediums: Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Metal, and Fine Art Prints

Additional sizes and materials available upon request.

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Change. The thunderous crashing of water echoed off the damp walls, drowning me in a sea of sound. My feeling of isolation was amplified by the deafening noise as it overwhelmed my senses. I was alone. Pacing around for the perfect angle I watched as the wind danced through the canyon, coating the walls in the cold, fall spray. The icy touch of mist upon my skin felt comfortingly familiar. This wasn’t my first trip here; but so much had changed. Before, I was searching for an escape, something new and exciting, a challenge to distract myself. This time was different. I had returned with a purpose. To capture the moment. To see what my new outlook could find. To identify what had changed. To confirm what I had thought. The area was the same, but I had returned a very different person.