A Journey to the Sea


A Journey to the Sea

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Palouse Falls, Washington

*This gallery wrapped canvas print has a black border on perpendicular edges. The metal print does not.

Size: 20 “ wide by 30” tall

Mediums: Metal

Additional sizes and materials available upon request.

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A Journey to the Sea.  Creeping up to the edge of the cliff my heart pounded with excitement, drowning out the thunderous clashing of water below.  One false step atop the slick, wet grass and I would be no more, scattered amongst the cold, moss covered boulders below.  Cautiously I tiptoed around the rim of the canyon looking for the perfect view while I waited for the sun to fade over the horizon.  As the last golden rays painted the clouds in vibrant shades of purple and orange I began to shiver.  The cold touch of dusk slowly sapped my energy through each tiny droplet of mist that dotted my coat.  Raising the camera to capture the last glimmer of sun on this hidden oasis, the warm moisture of my breath hung in the air, mimicking the endless spray from the powerful falls.  With the temperatures quickly plummeting my time had come to an end, a mere blink of an eye compared to the millennia long battle between the defiant pillars of basalt and unrelenting erosive force of water.  Looking back to this moment from years ago, it marked the first time that I had truly lost myself in nature, starting a journey that I will never end.