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Mt. Hood, Oregon

*This gallery wrapped canvas print has a black border on perpendicular edges. The metal print does not.

Sizes: 8" x 12" up to 40" x 60" 

Mediums: Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Metal, and Fine Art Prints

Additional sizes and materials available upon request.

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Solitude. At the base of the hogsback a lone climber evaluated his descent.  As the day passed I watched the clouds ebb and flow along the mountain just as the tide washes along a shoreline.  The thick cover of white did not wash me out to sea, but instead masked its own danger.  One misstep into the fog and the day could quickly turn into a nightmare.  With hot volcanic vents emitting steamed gases on the right and a steep descent to the Devil’s Kitchen veiled from sight on the left the setting was otherworldly.  Quickly checking that everything was tightly lashed to my pack I was ready.  Downward I plunged, as I skimmed along the top of the powder, glissading at its best with my ice axe at the ready.