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Scotchman Peak, idaho

Sizes: 8" x 12" up to 40" x 60" 

Mediums: Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Metal, and Fine Art Prints

Additional sizes and materials available upon request.

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Pure.  With the polarizing events that appear to continually erupt in our modern age it is easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and utterly distraught.  As the media blasts breaking stories in the background and we scroll through our various newsfeeds all too accessible in the palm of our hands, it has become too simple to get caught up in our own little world.  Technology has allowed us to be perpetually “connected”, but it is tough to argue that we aren’t more divided than ever.  We often find ourselves absolutely shocked at opposing viewpoints and resort to digging deeper in order to hold the line against our perceived adversaries.  Last week as I internalized all of the tragic news, my emotions began to grow and I realized, nature was calling.  I wasn’t trying to escape my problems, but instead trying to approach them from a new viewpoint.  Away from the entrenched lines drawn on virtual battlefronts I simply hit reset and set off in search of clarity.  Climbing ever higher my subconscious carried the heavy burden of sorting through the overwhelming task at hand.  Reaching the top I was greeted by pure innocence as a newborn mountain goat rose from its protection on a hidden overlook.  I breathed a sigh of relief, realizing there is still good in the world even though times may appear dark.