King of the Mountain


King of the Mountain

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Scotchman Peak, Idaho

Sizes: 8" x 12" up to 40" x 60" 

Mediums: Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Metal, and Fine Art Prints

Additional sizes and materials available upon request.

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A Powerful Presence. As I watched the young goats show off their raw athleticism and grace by jumping from one narrow crumbling precipice to another, the mood around me slowly began to change. Playtime quickly faded as the young bucks scampered behind their mothers’ as if taking shelter from a coming storm. The herd of goats cautiously approached my perch atop a ledge without even acknowledging my existence. Had I worn out my welcome? Keeping my head on a swivel my gaze darted back and forth between the approaching flock and my paths of escape, ensuring not to disturb the delicate balance between capturing nature in its purest form and interfering with their ecosystem. Looking over my shoulder my eye caught the emergence of two dangerous looking horns as they peeked from behind a hidden cliff below. The horns quickly grew into a formidable, intimidating beast; the leader of the herd had arrived. With each strong, composed step up the mountain the buck commanded attention without making a single sound. The tension gradually rose as he climbed to his roost atop Scotchman Peak. His white coat dotted with patches of a golden hue stood in stark contrast amongst the darkened basalt pillars slowly crumbling around him. While I began backing down from my post the buck casually looked in my direction with an authoritative stare; the stress of the situation steadily melted away as our eyes caught one another. My message was conveyed. I kept my distance and the peace as he regained his rightful place on his throne. The king of the mountain had returned.