A Cool Breeze


A Cool Breeze

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Cascade, Idaho

Sizes: 8" x 12" up to 40" x 60" 

Mediums: Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Metal, and Fine Art Prints

Additional sizes and materials available upon request.

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Perseverance. Cool air fell from atop the surrounding snow covered peaks, racing down the steep slopes to gradual scatter across the lush valleys below.  As the gentle breeze blew across my sun-drenched face I watched the golden, wild wheat dance above its vibrant green underbelly.  The soft sounds of sparrows chirping washed over the meadow, flowing in and out on the tides of the wind.  Slowly cutting through the dense prairie, my eyes locked onto the elusive bird of prey off in the distance, time for the hunter to become the hunted.  Time and time again I snapped my camera, desperately trying to capture the magnificent beast in flight.  The warm yellow rays of the sun sporadically poked through the ever shifting clouds, painting his dark, streamlined body in subtle tones of spring.  Here in an instant, gone in a flash, the bird quickly disappeared over the horizon leaving me with nothing but blurry, underexposed shots. “Damn”, I thought, turning to capture the playful sparrows darting around in the updrafts.  “This will have to do.”